Car tree BMW M3/M4

Artikelnummer: P-CM-CT17

Kategorie: Promotional Material

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The upper part of the promotional stand was developed especially to display the Slip-On system in combination with the Akrapovic branded rear diffusor for the BMW M3/M4. This stand, made of black steel tubing, really shows off the exhaust system. This unique way of presenting the exhaust system is sure to attract attention because it offers a really close-up view of the system. All you need to do to put it together is add the bottom part and an exhaust system. The stand comes with a label with the name of the system. Products fitted on the tree are not included.Products that fit on the tree:M-BM/T/8H: Slip-On Line (Titanium)S-BM/T/4H: Slip-On Line (Titanium)

Marken: POS Car
Modell: Default
Homologation: W/O Approval

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