Car tree Mercedes-AMG C63

Artikelnummer: P-CM-CT18

Kategorie: Promotional Material

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The upper part of the promotional stand was developed especially to display the front end of Evolution Line (Titanium) system for the Mercedes-AMG C63. This stand, made of black steel tubing, really shows off the exhaust system. This unique way of presenting the exhaust system is sure to attract attention because it offers a really close-up view of the system. All you need to do to put it together is add the bottom part - P-CM-CTBASE4. The stand comes with a label with the name and hard facts of the system. Products fitted on the tree are not included.System code that fits to a tree:MTP-ME/T/2H/1 - Evolution Line (Titanium)

Marken: POS Car
Modell: Default
Produktlinie: XX - Other

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