Link Pipe (Titanium)

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Kategorie: Link Pipe

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Titanium made link pipe for low installed muffler of exhaust system.Fitment notice for BMW R NineT Scrambler: The low-positioned slip-on with link pipe can only be mounted if the pillion passenger frame is removed. An additional aluminium muffler holder from BMW’s accessories range (BMW product code 77 11 8 564 071) must be mounted, and covers for the main frame’s threaded fasteners (BMW product code 77 25 8 536 857) are also recommended to hide the unattractive screw connections on the main frame.

Produktlinie: OP - Optional part
Homologation: EC Type Approval, ECE Type Approval
Marken: BMW
Modell: R NINET Urban G/S R NINET Scrambler R NINET Racer R NINET Pure R NINET
Jahrgang von: 2014 2017
Jahrgang bis: 2019
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