Slip-On Line (SS)

Artikelnummer: S-PI5SO1-HRAASSBL

Kategorie: Scooter

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The Slip-On represents the first step in exhaust system tuning. It is simple to install and replaces a stock muffler. It also offers the best combination of price and performance. With the Akrapovic Slip-On system you will get more power, more torque, and less weight. The Akrapovic Slip-On system gives your scooter that unmistakable deep resonant Akrapovic sound. Special black muffler dramatically changes its visual appearance. Each product features Akrapovic’s finest carbon fibre end caps.EC type-approval is valid only when catalytic converter is installed. The exhaust fits and is homologated also for HPE model.

Marken: Piaggio
Modell: MP3 500/500 LT
Homologation: EC Type Approval, ECE Type Approval
Jahrgang von: 2008
Produktlinie: SO - Slip-On
Jahrgang Bis: 2019

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