Slip-On Line (Titanium) Track Day

Artikelnummer: S-Y10SO17-RT/TD

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Kategorie: Road

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The Track Day Slip-On Line for the Yamaha YZF-R1 was specially developed for use on racetracks where lower noise levels are required. It is made from race-proven materials: titanium for the outer sleeve and carbon fibre for the end cap and the muffler bracket and clamp. The muffler has two noise inserts, one on the front and the other on the back, which means that the customer has various options to tune the noise level where required.The slip-on must be combined with either the L-Y10SO11T/TD link pipe for mounting on stock headers or the L-Y10E5/TD link pipe for mounting on the header set from the S-Y10E3-APT Evolution Line kit (the C-Y10ET3 collector and H-Y10ET2 headers with associated fitting material (flanges, springs, inner sleeves and lambda plugs -  please refer to schematics of  the S-Y10E3-APT). Information about noise levels are found under product description of mandatory link pipes.The mandatory P-MBY10E2 fitting kit, including the muffler bracket and clamp, must be ordered.THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET EMISSION COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR STREET OR HIGHWAY USE.

Produktlinie: SO - Slip-On
Marken: Yamaha
Modell: YZF-R1
Jahrgang von: 2015
Jahrgang bis: 2019
Artikelgewicht: 2,15 Kg

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