Slip-On Line (Titanium)

Artikelnummer: S-B6SO8-HZAAT

EAN: 3831113534918

Kategorie: Scooter

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Designed to increase power and torque levels throughout the entire rev range. With an outer sleeve made from high-quality special titanium alloy and finished with a carbon fibre end cap and heat shield. Weight is reduced by 44.9% over the stock system. With a deep, resonant, and unique Akrapovic sound to enhance the scooter’s sporty nature. EC/ECE type approved, and simple plug-and-play installation.

Homologation: EC Type Approval, ECE Type Approval
Marken: BMW
Modell: C 650 GT
Jahrgang von: 2016
Jahrgang bis: 2019
Produktlinie: SO - Slip-On
Artikelgewicht: 3,80 Kg