Optional Link Pipe/Collector (Titanium)

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Designed exclusively for use with the titanium Slip-On Line muffler, this optional lightweight titanium link pipe will transform the exhaust and take the Yamaha MT-10 to a higher performance level. Providing more power and increased torque, the link pipe makes full use of the machine’s potential.Optional Link Pipe/Collector can also be mounted on MT-10 SP and MT-10 Tourer Edition models.For perfect performance, throttle response and durability special developed mapping has to be used. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET EMISSION COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR STREET OR HIGHWAY USE.

Jahrgang von: 2016
Jahrgang bis: 2019
Marken: Yamaha
Modell: MT-10/FZ-10
Produktlinie: OP - Optional part
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